Pearana Project


The Pearana project is located in the Gregory Range Complex that forms the eastern margin of the Pilbara Craton 250km north east of the town of Newman.  The project consists of one exploration licence application E45/2730 over an area of approximately 140km2.

Background and Geology

The project is located in lithologies that host the giant Telfer gold – copper deposit and the Nifty copper mine to the east.  At the project location, the apparently thin veneer of windblown sand that exists between the sand dunes largely obscures the basement rocks.  At the central part of the prospect, a small erosion window of gabbroic rocks, which host copper bearing quartz veins, are exposed over a strike of 100 metres.

In 1999 a new copper occurrence was located within the project area by prospector  and director, Denis O’Meara.  The discovery outcrop lies between sand dunes some 20km west of the Nifty copper mine and comprises a series of narrow north westerly striking copper stained quartz veins hosted by silica altered mafic rock.  Mineralisation covers an area of 160m x 45m but the paucity of outcrop has had limited geological investigation.  Samples of the outcrop revealed up to 1% Cu.  This occurrence will be the focus of exploration on the tenement if and when granted.