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Namibia Ghana Australia Butre Otjozondu 701 Mile Mt Minnie Hedland Dingo Creek Abydos Farrel Well Baramine Pearana

Shaw River Manganese Limited (Shaw River) is a manganese explorer and developer. Shaw River is currently operating one Namibian manganese project, one Ghanaian manganese project and several manganese projects in the Pilbara region of Australia. Shaw River offers excellent exposure to this strategic metal, critical to the global steel industry. Manganese offers investors the benefits of strong global demand, low capital and time costs for the development of feasible projects.

Future Operations

The Company's principal operating goals into 2012 are;

Otjozondu Project – Manganese (Otjozondu Mining Pty Ltd 75.5%, Oreport, 24.5%)

  • Shaw River will principally focus on its 75.5% owned Otjozondu Manganese Project ("Otjo"), in Namibia, to increase the mineral resource base and progress project studies so that the Company is positioned for a rapid transition to development.
  • Drilling will target shallow (<60 metre) mineralisation, nominally at 100 metre spacing, reflecting the open pitable potential of the Otjo project and, will test extensions to both existing mineralized zones and new areas. The objective of the drilling program is to further extend the mineral resource base to underpin project and development studies.
  • Advance project studies for the development of Otjo following the resource drilling and metallurgical test work, to determine the optimum project parameters.
  • Continue regional exploration on the 1,367 on the exploration leases. The exploration program comprises mapping, soil sampling and XRF (Niton) testing and is aimed to delineate and prioritise new areas for follow up exploration.
  • Training and development of onsite employees.

Baramine Project – Manganese, Iron (70% Shaw River, 30% Pandell Pty Ltd, Laconia Resources Pty Ltd)

Shaw River is testing the potential to define large-scale manganese resources at Baramine to pave the way for a long-life mining operation.

  • Soil sampling results have indicated numerous new target structural zones associated with near surface manganese mineralization. DMS/JIG beneficiation testing was undertaken on zones of manganese mineralisation to determine the upgrade potential of the oxy-hydroxide minerals. A further series of metallurgical tests were done at Nagrom in late 2011 on RC chips from the previous Baramine drilling campaign and results were analysed. This test work was to characterise the designated ore types by magnetic profiling and HLS analysis. The results indicated that the majority of the mineralisation was responsive to gravity concentration by either DMS or Jigging. Modelling of the higher quality mineralisation showed an upgrade from 30% to 40% manganese at a mass yield of 50% and silica rejection down to 5% SiO2. The lower quality mineralisation indicated an upgrade from 10% to 36% manganese at a mass yield of 12%.
  • A decision on the nature of the next stage of exploration and project studies will be made during the course of this year.

Butre Project – Manganese, Gold (80% Shaw River, 10% Ahanta Mining Ltd, 10% Ghanain Govt)

The Butre Project is strategically located 30km on sealed roads from bulk port of Takoradi and 200km west of the capital Accra, Republic of Ghana.

  • A decision on the nature of the next stage of exploration will be made during the course of this year.

701 Mile Project – Manganese, Iron (70% Shaw River, 30% Pandell Pty Ltd, Laconia Resources Pty Ltd)

  • Inferred Resource calculation and discussions with 3rd party for processing evaluation.