English Company's Islands -
Manganese and Bauxite Project

Background and Geology

Shaw River Manganese made application for six Exploration Licenses (EL's) which are considered prospective for manganese and bauxite mineralisation in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.

The tenements cover Cretaceous age units of the Carpentaria Basin which host giant manganese and bauxite deposits at Groote Eyland and Gove respectively and numerous manganese and bauxite occurrences occur elsewhere. The mainland tenement areas are
heavily represented by companies such as Territory Uranium, Alcoa and BHPB.

Specifically, the tenements cover an area of 155km², and are located just 10km NE of a recorded manganese occurrence where two manganese horizons between 1.5-2.1m thick were discovered with rock chip sampling returning up to 41%Mn. The applications cover a group of islands known as the English Company's Islands.

A meeting was conducted with the Manager for Mining and Major Projects for the area of application in The British Company Islands.

At least three major stages are required prior to granting, including an initial meeting with stakeholders, followed by signing of land access and native title agreements and heritage surveys. Indications are that the granting process will take at a minimum two years.