Manganese Factsheet

Manganese is a critical metal for the development of society. Manganese has a wide range of uses, but its largest and most important is its use in modern steelmaking. Manganese Ores are processed in a variety of ways, eventually being used to alloy steels, adding a host of properties to modern steels that cannot be created by any other additive. Its importance in the carbon steel industry cannot be understated. The demand and uniqueness of the properties of manganese makes the exploration for rare high grade deposits a valuable search. A strategy Shaw River Resources is following with great enthusiasm and success.

Why Manganese?

  • 4th most used metal after Iron, Aluminum and Copper
  • Critical component in modern steelmaking
  • Increases hardness, toughness, stiffness and wear resistance as an alloying element
  • No satisfactory substitute

Manganese - a high-value product

  • Currently only three major Australian manganese mines
  • They produced $1.4 billion income in 2008/9
  • Average revenue 2008-2010, between A$211/t -A$435/t
  • Current exports 4-5 million tons of high grade Mn ore
  • Highly sought after in world markets
  • Manganese usage in steel is increasing
  • New high grade, high quality, consistent manganese supply in demand
  • Long term pricing gives ore a high in-situ value, currently US$360/t for 40%
  • Simple processing means CAPEX for plant is low (compared to gold, base metals)
  • Value allows higher margins compared to other bulks
  • Short timeframe from discovery to mining
  • Short payback period

Links to Manganese Resources

    (This site has a short video entitled “Manganese, the Wonder Element” showing the benefits of manganese, which is well worth watching.)